Spotlight on Farah Vintage

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The Farah brand first came on the scene in the 1920s and reached cult status some years later in the 1970s.

The trademark Farah slack became an instant hit with Britain’s youth culture for its slim, tailored structure and stain resistant technology and the brand soon became the must-have label throughout the 1980s.  As fashion savvy groups such as the ‘mods’ and the ‘skins’ began to crave the designs and incorporate the garments into their own style, Farah clothes began to represent elitism and generated a sense of respect to those who wore them.

Farah Vintage Lloyd Polo Shirt - Aquamarine

Farah Vintage Kingston Crew Neck Jumper

Farah Vintage Albany Chino - Navy

Farah Vintage Oldham T-Shirt

Farah Vintage Hopkins Duffle Coat

Today, the Farah label continues to represent heritage and legacy as a new generation are attracted to the brand’s history and individual sense of cool as they rediscover the look for themselves.


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